How To Create Shareable Posts – 9 Best Tips You Need To Know


Written by LHC

July 24, 2021

how to create shareable posts

You want to make your posts shareable, but you don’t know how? This article will show you the best practices on how to create shareable posts on social media and blogs.

​It’s no secret that social media and blogs have become the go-to place for people who want to share their thoughts. But how do you make your post stand out?

Making your posts shareable is one of the most important things you can do to grow a large audience.

It isn’t that hard to create content that people find interesting and share with their friends but the first thing you need to do is make sure that you have your settings correctly set up.

How To Create Shareable Posts – Check Your Facebook Settings

There’s plenty of social channels out there today and there will be more popping up in the future, but let’s focus on posts on Facebook three of the biggest for right now.

Everyone loves to post on Facebook but 98% of them are not marketers and don’t understand how powerful a platform this can be for making a good income by selling your own products or doing affiliate marketing.

When you make a Facebook post shareable it is the most basic thing you can do to get more exposure for your content, so you want to make sure that the share button is visible on every post.

John Crestani has some great training on social media that you can check out here.

Facebook on your PC

In order to make sure that the share button is visible you will need to go to the settings area. On your PC you can click on the drop down menu arrow in the top right corner.

This will open up to where you can click on Settings and Privacy. Go to Settings then click on Privacy. Choose Public as your privacy option. This will now make all your future Facebook posts shareable.

Facebook on your Mobile

To accomplish the same thing with the Facebook app on your mobile device, login to Facebook, click the hamburger drop down menu at the top-right corner. From there, go to Settings.

Under Privacy, click on Privacy settings. Under Your activity, click on Who can see your future posts? Tap Try It Now, then tap the post privacy button at the top and choose Public.

After doing this, whenever you make a Facebook post it will be shareable on Facebook.

Don’t forget to add a link in order to drive traffic back to your site, blog or product you’re promoting.

How To Create Shareable Posts – 9 Tips You Need To Know To Get More Shares

Now, you’ll learn how to increase the odds of your social posts getting shared as well as your blog posts.

Why does it matter what kind of content you share? How often do we see people sharing funny memes or videos with friends on social media?

This is because these types of posts are fun and easy to read for a lot of people. But there are other ways to be creative and interesting when it comes to content.

Try something different, like quotes or poems. Many people love inspirational quotes or emotional poems and other people want more information about a certain topic, create an infographic!

People love sharing things they find funny, cute, emotional or useful. If you want your post shared, then it needs to have at least one of these 4 elements in it.

The more people who see your content, the better! Follow these simple steps to make sure that happens. Your audience will thank you for it!

Find your reader’s “why”

Everyone needs a reason to do something. When you know what is most important to them, it will be easier for you to write posts that they want to read.

How motivated will readers be for this post? What would motivate them the most?

For example, if your niche is about saving money, you will want to focus your posts on the different ways your audience can save their money.

You could have a post title that says “How you can earn more points on your new credit card” and share the best way to earn points for a particular card.

There are plenty of affiliate offers you can link to in your post and if you do this right, you can make some good money.

This really applies to any post you make if you’re in the affiliate marketing arena.

Share an interesting statistic or fact

By sharing an interesting fact or stat you are showing that you have done your research into the topic and are giving them important information.

Add a picture or infographic to make things more interesting (but only if it’s relevant)

Adding an image is always better than just text, but try not to overload people with too many images – nobody likes scrolling through endless photos!

Have a catchy headline

You want to get people’s attention so they click on your post – a catchy headline will do the trick but be honest and transparent.

If you are going to share a point of view or opinion, be sure that it is yours! Be open about what you think/feel so people can relate to you more easily.

An example would be ‘I love this credit card because…’

Another way to do this is to add certain words to your post title. I always find that adding words like ‘best’, ‘most’ and ‘top’ are a great way to get people clicking on posts.

For example, ‘The best cooking methods for the summer’ or ‘The top 7 ways to get a flat stomach’.

People want to know what’s good or what should they be buying! Plus it is important to use keywords when you add hashtags to your posts.

For example, if you’re writing a post about fitness tips for the summer then adding hashtags like ‘summer’, ‘fitness’ and ‘exercise’.

This will help people find your post in search engines! It might also be helpful to include some keywords when mentioning other bloggers.

If you mention other bloggers you may be able to gain some followers too!

Use the word “you” in your post

Using the word “you” makes it personal to the reader. This is a psychological trick that can make your post more shareable.

Some examples of using ‘you’ are “What laptop gives you the most value for your money?” or “Does Keto help you lose weight?”

Using the word ‘you’ can bring more attention to a product or company that you are wanting to promote.

Call To Action

When you make shareable content on social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram, you want to include a call-to-action so readers have an easy way of sharing with their friends!

For example, ‘Make sure to let me know your thoughts and share this post with your friends’. This will give readers an easy way to interact with the post and tell you what they think.

Add visuals – photos, gifs, videos

People usually scroll quickly on Facebook so you need to capture their attention to make them want to click on your post. Visuals will help!

Don’t be afraid to use images, quotes, infographics and videos to draw in the reader’s attention. You want to make sure it is related to your post’s content, so readers can see what you’re talking about.

In posts on your website or blog you will also want to add visuals so your post is not just all text. It makes for a more enjoyable reading and learning experience.

Keep social posts short under 500 words

People have short attention spans, keep it short so people don’t lose interest halfway through reading.

Here’s a great example of a social post that is short and to the point. Plus, I’m sure they made some good money from just this one post!

Save time by automating posts on different social platforms

When creating shareable content, you may start to find it overwhelming trying to stick to a schedule and sending it to all the different social media platforms at once. This is where SocialPilot comes in!

You can set your social media strategy for each platform on autopilot by setting time slots & scheduling social media posts for a time when your fans & followers are most active.

You can easily customize posts with SocialPilot’s advanced Post Composer which enables you to compose posts for multiple social networks from one place.

You can also make data-driven decisions to improve engagement and fine tune your social media strategy.

SocialPilot gives you insight into your followers’ behavior on the different social media channels.

This is a great feature for marketers who want to know more about their audience and learn what posts that they engage with.

SocialPilot also provides an option where you can set up the times of day that correspond with what time zone your account is in, making it easier for everyone!

Create Shareable Posts on Your Blog/Website

Now, for your website or blog you don’t have to keep your post under 500 words. In fact, you should really shoot for anywhere between 1,500 to 2,500 words for seo purposes.

You can use bullet points or numbered lists to make your post easy and quick to read thru. Bullet points can break up the monotonous text when you have a lot of content.

Numbered lists can also be used for different types of information like steps in a process, list of items needed for an assignment, etc.

Tell them what they’ll learn as they go thru your post. For example, “In this article I will discuss X, Y and Z.”

Explain why you’re writing the post in the introduction or summary paragraph (hint: a lot of people are wondering how to lose weight with the keto diet).

Give them a call-to-action at the end of each section so they know what step to take next. It could be to tell them to leave a comment, share the post with their friends or check out the best keto diet book.

How To Create Shareable Posts – Conclusion

In this post, we talked about how to create shareable posts by understanding what makes something “shareworthy.”

Unfortunately, it can take a writer a lot of time and energy to keep coming up with new ideas and fresh insights every day but we hope these tips will help.

Have you tried any of these tips before? Did they work for you? Do you have any other tips that we should know about or share with our readers?

We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Share them in the comments below!

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