3 Quick Steps On How To Evolve Togepi In Sword and Shield


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June 11, 2021

How To Evolve Togepi

If you’ve been wondering what is a Togepi, how to get one and how to evolve Togepi into Togetic and then finally to Togekiss in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you’ve come to the right place.

The world of Pokémon is ever expanding. With the introduction of generation six, there are over 600 different types of Pokémon and more than 721 million possible ways to evolve your favorite pocket monsters!

There are many new Pokémon to be discovered in the latest generation of games, Sword and Shield! One of these is a quirky little critter called Togepi.

What is a Togepi?

Togepi is a baby Pokémon with an adorable appearance that represents good luck. It is a small, light yellow Pokémon that is still in its egg shell.

Togepi has a blue and red rings on it. This could mean that the body also has this pattern.

It has pink pads on the undersides of its feet. It’s hands and feet are stubby with two toes on each. It has eyes that are black and five points on its head.

Togepi is happy because it can take the positive energy from others and share it with those who need it.

The Beginning

Togepi, otherwise known as the “Spiky Inch-High Pigeon Pokemon”, was originally introduced in 1998’s Pokémon Red and Green versions.

A Togepi egg could be obtained by players who had found the mysterious man called Mr. Pokemon, which they were then instructed to take back to Professor Elm, who would tell them to keep it.

With the release of the new Pokemon Sword and Shield game, people are looking for ways to find and evolve their own Togepi’s.

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how to find Togepi

How to Find Togepi?

You can find Togepi in the Bridge Field region of the Galar map. Togepi is a rare Pokemon in Sword and Shield, and getting one takes some effort.

In most cases, one would see Togepi spawn 2% of the time or less, but heavy fog will up that to approximately 5%. Additionally, Togepi pokemon will appear as random encounters only.

Because Togepi cannot be found randomly in the overworld like other characters, it is recommended you do not waste your time searching in the tall grass for one.

Instead, focus on looking for red exclamation points. If you find one, try to catch it with a Luxury or Friend Ball.

One of the first things you may want to know is how Togetic and Togekiss are evolved from a Togepi.

evolve togepi

How to Evolve Togepi in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

If you want to evolve Togepi it doesn’t happen easily. Keeping Togepi happy is the key to its evolution. In the game, there is a hidden happiness factor that can be found behind some of your creatures’ actions.

Togepi starts off as a Fairy-type before evolving into Togetic and becoming a Flying-type upon evolution.

Raising the evolution requires a lot of patience, so you’ll want to know how to keep your precious Togepi happy. Togepi evolves to Togetic by:

  • Fighting with it in battles
  • Feeding it Curry at camps
  • Equipping it with berries or vitamins if available
  • Catching them with a Friend or Luxury Poké Ball
  • Using the Soothe Bell if you happen to have one.

If you are able to fulfill all these conditions, your Togepi will eventually become Togetic.

You can only make the Curry at the campsite. But at any time you will be able to feed berries or vitamins to a Pokemon from your bag.

Lowering a Pokémon’s Happiness

A Pokemon can also lose the Happiness you’ve built up with it. The following are ways it can happen:

  • Keeping them on your PC in a Box
  • Using bitter items on them
  • Having the Pokémon faint in battle

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to see or track your Happiness stats. The only way you can do this is you need to first find and befriend the Friendship checker.

Finding the Friendship Checker

Hammerlocke is the house to the right of the Pokemon Center. Go inside, and he’s going to ask you, “Would you like me to see if your Pokémon are feeling friendly toward you?”

You need to agree and select which one you would like him to look at. Choose from your current party or your Boxes.

The only way to get into Hammerlocke City is by having the Grass, Water, and Fire badges.

Evolving Togetic into Togekiss

To turn Togetic into a Togekiss in Pokemon Sword and Shield, it takes more than just kindness and happiness; you have to use a Shiny Stone. You can find the shiny stone at only a handful of locations in the Galar region.

Most likely you can find one in the Lake of Outrage, but you can also try to dig one up with the Digging Duo. You can also find them at the Bridge Field in front of the Pokemon Nursery, but it costs 500 Watts to have him help you.

If you’re having trouble getting the stone, there may be a chance of getting one from Clefairy, Clefable and Lunatone when you capture one. One method you can pursue to get them is by farming for them in their respective locations..

When you find the stone, give it to your Togetic, and it should evolve shortly after into a Togekiss.

Fast way to evolve Togepi in Pokemon Sword and Shield

To make the process of evolving into Togetic faster, I tested how many berries are needed at what levels.

You need to do this in the following order:

1) Use a Sooth Bell

2) Give it 8 happiness increasing berries (Pomeg, Kelpsi, Qualot, Hondew, Grepa or Tamato all work)

3) Defeat a lv. 60 Dugtrio with it in your party to gain 16 level ups

For the second task, you only need to wait until either music notes or a heart appear. Takes less than three minutes for it to complete.

It took me a while to figure out, but you can cycle by playing and cooking at the campfire. The EXP gains will spawn automatically as a result of these actions without you needing to leave camp.

Just check after each meal and once you see three hearts on the screen you know Togetic is nearby. 8 berries and 1 knockout are all you need to get your Togetic and continue breeding.

One of the big changes in Pokemon Sword and Shield is that happy evolutions come quickly, even without a soothe bell.

Just play with them a few times in the Camp and continually update your CurryDex, and their happiness will grow.

How To Evolve Togepi – Conclusion

The process is not as simple as it used to be. You can’t just go around the world catching wild Pokemon anymore, like with previous games.

There are also no more eggs that hatch into new creatures for you to capture. Instead, there’s a whole new system of evolution called “sparking.” It’s all about leveling up until they’re ready to take on some serious battles!

Evolving can be tough, but there are a few ways to make it easier. We’ve outlined some of the most common methods above and we would love for you to share any other tips that have worked for you in the comments section!

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