How to Fix a Burnt Puff Bar – 4 Easy Steps To Fix Your Puff Bar


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June 18, 2021

How to Fix a Burnt Puff Bar

This is a common problem with the e cig puff bar and it can be difficult to fix. This blog post will show you how to fix a burnt puff bar and help you identify the puff bar causes in the quickest way possible!

A puff bar is an important part of the vaping process and can contribute to a great experience for the user. However, there are a few problems that can cause a burnt taste. For one example, if it gets too hot or there is too much heat applied to the e liquid, it burns and leaves behind a burnt taste.

What Is a Puff Bar?

burnt puff barA “Puff Bar” is a disposable vape device that can come in many different flavors. Pre-filled e liquid cigarettes in flavors other than tobacco had been banned, but part of the reason Puff Bars were not was because they are easy to dispose of. Puff Bars are a popular means of e cigarettes in the vaping world because of the vape tastes.

Puff bars are usually a metal rod that can be made of titanium, nickel-chrome steel, or stainless steel. It has a coil at the end which heats up when you use your e-cig and turns e liquid into vapor so that it can be drawn through the atomizer and inhaled by the user like smoke from a cigarette.

My Puff Bar Tastes Burnt

There are a number of ways your puff bar tastes burnt, and not all of them are reasons to stop using it. The most common issue is that you over-puffed the device, meaning you didn’t let your cotton fully saturate before using it and the result is it tasting like scorched wick.

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Chain Vaping

Chain vaping is the most likely cause of why vape coils burn out and your puff bar tastes burnt. Chain-vaping is the process of taking consecutive hits without enough time for the wick to absorb any e liquid, leading to a burnt puff.

Rebuildable coils prevent this issue since all you need to do is rewick it. With disposable coils, your coil is permanently damaged after it begins to burn out. The culprit isn’t the frequency of puffing, but rather it’s the timing between draws that doesn’t allow the wick from re-absorbing juices. This is one of the reasons your puff bar tastes burnt.

Other Reasons

  • The coil is dirty or clogged with e liquid residue from another flavor that is giving off an unpleasant aftertaste. This may be temporary if you clean the coil properly before use.
  • A battery could need replacing or it could be cheap batteries.
  • Perhaps you are not re-filling your e-cigarette with enough e liquid, and the coil is drying out too much before it can be used again.
  • The burnt taste may also come from a dirty atomizer head.


Why Does My Puff Bar Taste Burnt?

puff barThere are many reasons why a puff bar tastes burnt: Over-filling with e liquid inside, using low quality batteries for charging devices are just a few. Even thinking that your vape has all been spent when in reality you just need to take out the cartridge from the device before refilling!

Also note that the nicotine liquid should never touch the heating element or metal surfaces inside your vaping device, as this could cause condensation which can lead to a burnt puffs bar. The good news is that once you know why your puffbar tastes burnt problem, you’re on your way to fixing it!

How To Fix a Burnt Puff Bar

Let’s go over some of the different things you can do to fix the wicking system and your puff bar tastes burnt issue.

  • Make sure that your device is charged and fully functional before you start using it.
  • If you are unsure how to charge the vape, refer to the manual or contact customer service for help from a professional.
  • Always use fresh batteries when charging devices in order to avoid this issue.


Prime the Coil On Your Puff Bar

To maintain the puff bar, make sure you prime the coils before using it. To ensure that your wicking system is fully saturated with e liquid, it’s important to pre-saturate before you start vaping.

This process makes sure that there’s enough moisture to heat and vaporize. You can tilt your device around to ensure that you soak the cotton with as much e liquid as possible. If your puff bar tastes burnt still, you may have to clean your coils.

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Clean the Coil of Your Puff Bar

fix puff barWhen you notice a burnt puff bar, it also may be time to clean the coil. Cleaning your coils can improve performance and reduce how often your puffs bar has a burnt taste. To prevent this from happening again, make sure that you are using fresh e liquid with high quality ingredients before vaping.

To actually clean the coil, there are 2 different ways to accomplish this and they are soaking or swabbing. Let’s go over each:

Soaking the Coil

Water – One way that may work on your vaping coils is to use water. While using water can be a temporary fix, it’s not recommended because your wick will get saturated and you have to wait until all the water evaporates before using it again.

Ethanol – The best alternative to coil cleaning is using ethanol. Put the coil in a container filled with it and let it soak for several hours. When you are done, run some tap water over it then use distilled water to wash down the coil in order to remove any residue that is left over.

Then you’ll want to blow air into the side of the coil to get water to go in. After that is taken care of, wait until all water has evaporated from the coil. If you don’t have any ethanol laying around, you can soak the coil with vinegar, or a cheap vodka.

The soaking process can be more effective and gets all the gunk out in one cleaning, but it takes a lot longer than the other method.

Swabbing the Coil

disposable vapeIf you don’t have alcohol, try swabbing. For this to work best, it’s better if you can coat the cotton swabs with rubbing alcohol and then use them to carefully apply the liquid to the coils.

If your vape is in dire need of care, swabbing the coil might be a quick fix. With this method, you’ll need to do more regular cleanings but you won’t have to invest a lot of time in the cleaning process. It helps get rid of the grime that occurs during the day before it hardens so it will be easier to remove..

If left on the coils too long, residue builds up, turns ugly and the coil ends up failing. Remember, you just need some ethanol or vinegar and a Q-Tip. Adding this step to your regular coil maintenance can have drastic effects on the life of your coils.

The Right Time To Replace Your Coil

vape penCleaning a burnt puff bar does not replace the coil itself. It is possible to prolong the life of them with proper care, but even with consistent maintenance it will eventually need to be replaced.

If the coil can’t be cleaned and/or produces a burnt taste repeatedly, it is time take out the old coil and replace with new one. A vaporizer coil needs to be replaced every 1-5 weeks.

The amount needed depends on how often you vape, so it comes down to the individual to get an accurate estimate. Keep tabs on the taste of your vapor and be on the lookout for these signs that it needs to be replaced.

Preventing your vape coil from burning prematurely can save you the cost of replacing the coil before its time. Plus you’ll enjoy your vaping more without worrying about that burnt taste.

Can You Fix Burnt Disposable Vape?

Disposable vapes can be fixed with some creativity and patience but it’s such a hassle and really not worth it. These vapes are hassle-free and convenient, that’s why you bought it.

One thing you need to know is that once the vape has run out of vape juice, it’s most likely that the battery will die soon and you’ll have to discard it anyway. If you insist on fixing your disposable vape, the first step is to disassemble it.

Pod-based vapes have a rubber stopper on them, otherwise known as the pod. You will need to remove the stopper and add e liquid. Then simply reassemble it.

For a device with fiber-based filler inside, remove the filler material and re-saturate it with e liquid. Once the e-juice has rehydrated your wick, you can put it back in the device and resume vaping.

It’s way less maintenance and less time consuming if you simply pick a device with a tank or pod that you can refill whenever you like.

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Is it Bad to Smoke a Puff Bar That Has a Burnt Taste?

puff bar vapingI tried to look up some info on this and really not a whole lot of people are talking about this. But what we do know is that when your coils are burnt, you see a lot of nasty stuff on the coil.

The natural question would be “Is this stuff bad for my lungs”? My answer would be “It can’t be good!!!” But I started searching for some solid facts on this question. I noticed a answer from a person who claimed to be a vape company chemist. The FDA’s regulatory work in filing products found that dry hits can be dangerous.

According to a report by the Capital Region Board of Health, these dry hits from puff bars contain “large amounts of metal” (although it is unknown which metals they were), as well as known carcinogens.

The culprits are the burnt coils that contain cotton material but the FDA has not publicly published a formal statement yet. I know this is pretty vague but it does explain why it might be important to not use an old burnt coil in your vape session.

How To Fix a Burnt Puff Bar – Conclusion

In this blog post, we’ve explored some of the reasons that your puff bar may be burnt and how to solve these issues. We hope you have found it helpful!

If your puff bar tastes burnt, you’re getting a burnt hit or dry hit from your puff bar, it’s time to either fix it or replace it. When you have a burnt puff bar, it can lead to a bad vaping experience. If this has happened to you or if you’re not sure what caused your puff bar to be burnt in the first place, we believe these tips will help!

Which of these reasons are most familiar? What was done about the burnt taste after it occurred? Do tell us how things turned out by commenting below!

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