How To Fix Uneven Eyebrows – 9 Simple Tips To Fix Uneven Brows

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September 7, 2021

How To Fix Uneven Eyebrows

Do you have uneven eyebrows? You’re not alone. One of the most common beauty questions we get is how to fix uneven eyebrows?

It’s true! But don’t worry, we can help. We created this article to show you how to fix your problem brows in just a few simple steps.

No more worrying about what people are thinking when they look at your face!

How To Fix Uneven Eyebrows

Eyebrow symmetry is one of the most important features that many people may overlook.

It’s not something that can be easily fixed with makeup, but luckily there are several ways to get your eyebrows back on track!

This post will go over some tips and tricks on how to fix uneven eyebrows so you can finally achieve perfect brows.

You can find the products used in this video below:

1. Clean Your Eyebrows

Clean Your Eyebrows

Cleaning your eyebrows with a Q-Tip or cotton ball dipped in baby oil will help soften the hair follicles and remove excess sebum.

Sebum is an oily substance secreted by sebaceous glands, which are connected to hair follicles.

Removing excess oil helps keep your eyebrows in place and better defined.

Applying a small amount of baby powder after cleaning will help absorb any remaining oil on the brows.

You will also want to clean the area around your eyebrows.

2. Measure the Distance of Your Eyebrows

Measure the Distance of Your Eyebrows

You can measure the distance between your brows and mark it on the skin using an eyebrow pencil or eyeliner.

Measuring the distance between your eyebrows is a good way to ensure that your eyebrow arch is symmetrical.

It may help you figure out where the best location for the brows should be according to facial symmetry and balance.

Careful consideration needs to be applied when marking or measuring between eyebrows because it can easily turn into an uneven look.

Here’s a highly reviewed tool that can help measure your eyebrows.

3 . Makeup Primer

makeup primer

Makeup primer is excellent because it will help keep the eyebrows in place for a longer period of time and prevent them from fading when they come into contact with water, sweat or oil.

Using makeup primer before filling in the eyebrows allows you to create thicker brows and have more color intensity which gives you better control.

NYX makes a great product for keeping keeping those brows in place.

4. Sparse Areas

You can fill in any sparse areas with brow powder or pencil. Start at the beginning of each brow and end at the end of each brow.

Be careful when filling in the sparse areas. If you go outside of the brow line, clean up and start over.

If your eyebrows are very sparse at the end, fill in a little bit with an eyebrow gel or pencil to make them look fuller.

5. Fill in Gaps

You can fill in any gaps between your brows with clear mascara or gel liner. But don’t go too high. If you do, it will make you look surprised or angry!

6. Create a Natural Arch

Create a Natural Arch for eyebrows

Using an angled brush will help you create a natural arch in your eyebrows. Dip the brush into eyebrow shadow.

Tap off excess and fill in any sparse areas that still need to be darker. This is the ultimate step for a finished look!

7. Making Eyebrows Thicker

Making Eyebrows Thicker

To make your eyebrows look thicker you should brush up the middle of your eyebrows. Then brush outwards in a V-shape to make them look even and natural.

You can also fill in any sparse areas with eyebrow powder or pencil or use a brow mascara to set your eyebrows and keep them in place.

8. Shaping Your Eyebrows

Shaping Your Eyebrows

Shaping your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush can give you a polished look and is very easy.

It’s important to use a slanted eyebrow brush, so you can easily follow the natural shape of your eyebrows and fill in any sparse areas that need extra color.

To get started with shaping your eyebrows:

* Brush them up towards the middle using an eyebrow brush (this will make the hairs lay flat).

*Then brush them from the middle towards your temples, stepping back a bit to get an idea of where you’d like the tail end of your eyebrow to be.

* Next use a brow gel or mascara to set and hold hairs in place. Brow gels are great for combing through eyebrows.

9. Trimming Eyebrows

If you don’t have time to let your brows grow out, trim them. Use a small pair of scissors or the trimmer on an electric razor.

Be careful not to go too short because it’s easy for these hairs to grow back thicker and darker than before.

If you don’t want to use scissors or a razor, you can use tweezers with a slant to shape your eyebrows.

This will give you more control and reduce the chance of breaking hairs.

Don’t over tweeze when shaping your brows. Be very light handed and only tweeze a few hairs at once. Pulling too many out will change the shape of your eyebrow

Tip: Don’t try and pluck hairs that are too close to each other, as this can make things worse.

How NOT To Fix Uneven Eyebrows

Do not use a brow mascara or colored gel eyeliner as filling in your eyebrows because it will make them look fake looking.

You also don’t want to go too dark with your eyebrow color. If you do, it will make them look like they are drawn on!

How To Fix Uneven Eyebrows – Frequently Asked Questions

Below we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about how to fix uneven eyebrows.

How To Tell if Your Eyebrows are Uneven?

Some of the signs of uneven brows are one eyebrow that is much higher than the other, one eyebrow being thicker than the other.

How Do I Fix My Unibrow?

If you have a unibrow and want to fix it you simply need to pluck the hairs that are in between your brows.

How To Get Even Eyebrow Arch Spacing?

To get even eyebrow arch spacing you need to pluck all the hairs inside your brow line.

How To Pluck Eyebrows So That They Are Even?

To pluck eyebrows so that they are even you need to find the natural brow line and then pluck all of the hairs below your brows.

How To Prevent Uneven Eyebrows in the Future?

To prevent uneven brow lines in the future you can start with tweezing the hairs outside of your natural brow line and then plucking all the way up to your eyebrow arch.

How To Fix Overplucked Eyebrows?

To fix over-plucked eyebrows you need to grow out some of the sparse areas where hair has been removed.

Don’t let them get too long because they will stick straight up and make your face look rounder than it really is

How Can You Keep Eyebrows Looking Good Over Time?

If you want to maintain them throughout time, I recommend tweezing the eyebrows as little as possible and plucking only when necessary.

This will help keep your natural shape intact while also giving the appearance of evenness.

How Long Does it Take Before my Eyebrows Become Balanced Again?

It can take anywhere from two to seven months for your eyebrows to grow back.

How To Fix Uneven Eyebrows – Conclusion

If you ever looked in the mirror and seen your eyebrows just didn’t match? Or one eyebrow was higher than the other? It can be a frustrating experience.

Hopefully these tips from our team of experts can help you fix those uneven brows and get them looking even again!

Our goal is to provide helpful information for all those who need guidance fixing their uneven brows so they’re back to feeling confident about themselves 🙂

If you want a fool-proof solution, you can go to an eyebrow professional and have them do it for you!

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on how we could make this post better, please share with us in the comments below.

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