How To Get To Tol Dagor – Best Tips To Get To Tol Dagor


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July 29, 2021

How To Get To Tol Dagor

So, you’re looking for a guide on how to get to Tol Dagor? We’ve got you covered! Our how to get to Tol Dagor guide is a comprehensive plan on finding your way through the Eastern Kingdoms of Azeroth and how to defeat those in your path.

In World of Warcraft, Tol Dagor is a dungeon which can be found in eastern Tiragarde Sound. It is only available to players who are level 115 on the normal difficulty setting. It is also available for players who are level 120 on either heroic, mythic, and mythic+ difficulties.

It’s a massive fortress in the Eastern Kingdoms that was originally called Thaurissan. When the Dark Iron Clan took over, they renamed it to Tol Dagor.

Tol Dagor used to be a well run prison but once the Ashvane company bought it and began to run the prison it has focused on anyone who opposes the company.

How to Get to Tol Dagor

There are a couple of ways you can get to Tol Dagor. Using a water strider/water walking/swimming or a flight path. This is how to get to the Tol Dagor Dungeon entrance, which is located off the east coast of Tiragarde Sound,

Goblin Glider

1 way to get there is by Goblin Glider. Make your way to Bridgeport, Eastpoint Station or any taxi point close by, head up the mountain to the south. Once you’re at the top or close to it, you should see the Tol Dagor island directly to the east, but if you have your graphics view distance low you may not be able to see it.

Jump off, use your glider and head directly east until you land at the island, there’s a flight point to the south of the island so whilst there don’t forget to talk to the flight master.

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Travelling by Water

The second method is by travelling across the water, any form of water walking will make this quicker. Again make your way to Bridgeport, Eastpoint station or any nearby taxi point.

Head towards the small cluster of islands just off the east coast, there’s a path through the water that wont trigger fatigue. You can identify this by looking at your mini-map the light blue is the path, the dark blue will trigger fatigue. Once here, the entrance is just up the path.

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How To Get To Tol Dagor – Who Will You Encounter

You will have some dangerous encounters with the characters below but don’t worry, we’ve got a great video that will show you what to look out for.

The Sand Queen

Little is known about the monstrosity that lives in the sands surrounding the prison. No prisoners have ever survived an escape attempt, guards only finding discarded clothing and bones.

The Sand Queen creates Sand Trap around her enemies to isolate and incapacitate her prey. She also dives beneath the sands with Upheaval and springs up underneath victims.


Jes Howlis

A vicious pirate of dubious loyalty, Jes Howlis was captured alongside his brother and locked away.

After being released in a prison riot, Jes has since taken over as the de facto leader of the gang that controls the prison’s lower levels.

Jes Howlis seeks to crush his enemies and maintain leadership through Flashing Daggers and Howling Fear.

At 50% health remaining, he uses Smoke Powder to distract them as he releases more fellow prisoners from their cells.

Knight Captain Valyri

Knight Captain Valyri oversees the explosive munitions within Ashvane’s armory. Unfortunately for her subordinates, her obsession with fire often creates hazardous working conditions.

Knight Captain Valyri uses the Munitions Barrels within the armory to crush her foes. When the Munitions Barrel comes into contact with fire, it will explode with Burning Arsenal.

Interacting with the Munitions Barrel will allow safe transportation of it, assuming the bearer is not already on fire.

Overseer Korgus

Warden to Tol Dagor, Overseer Korgus maintains the mighty island prison. His love of Azerite is widely known, even going so far as to infuse it into his bullets and test the results on his prisoners.

Overseer Korgus attacks players with several of his gun abilities. Periodically, he will load Azerite Rounds: Incendiary and Azerite Rounds: Blast into his guns for different effects!


How To Get To Tal Dagor – Conclusion

Hopefully this how to get to Tol Dagor article has been helpful. World of Warcraft is a very popular game and players love the battle.

Finding the Tiragarde Sound location, the flight point, building an alliance, getting to the dungeon and fighting the bosses, are all fun and frustating experiences.

In the end, we hope that this guide will help you find your way to and thru Tal Dagor. Share with us your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

Don’t forget to like and share, you may be able to help someone else who is lost on their quest for Tal Dagor too! Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences below.

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